Hello, I’m LIU Huan, a professor in Tsinghua University. I got my bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from Tsinghua University in 2004, and then joined Dr. Kebin He’s research group in Tsinghua and received my PhD in 2009. I then joined Dr. Matthew Barth’s research group at UC-Riverside and Dr. James Lents’ International Sustainable Systems Research Center (ISSRC) in the US for a joint post-doctoral research position in 2009- 2010 before coming back to Tsinghua as an assistant professor in the end of 2010. More information please see the Resume tab. Air pollution and climate change are two major challenges but also opportunities in the contemporary atmospheric science field, and transportation has become one of the most determining and fast increasing driving factors for those challenges. My major research is to improve the understanding and predictability of contemporary atmospheric environment by coupling traffic, material flow and atmospheric system. We work on developing:

  1. Theory and technology of dynamic traffic emission models for street, regional and global scales

  2. A multi-scale air quality coupling model adaptable for complex urban underlying surface environment

  3. Regional transportation emission control scheme and global emission reduction framework theory correlated to supply chain More information please see the Research and Publications tab.


  1. 2023-04-01 Congratulations to PhD student Junchao Zhao and PhD student Zhining Zhang for getting the Excellent Report and Excellent Poster awards respectively at THE 1st FUTURE PARTICLES ERONTIER FORUM ! 祝贺赵军超博士和张芷宁博士在首届未来颗粒前沿论坛分别获得优秀报告和优秀墙报奖!

  2. 2023-03-01 Congratulations to PhD student Asad Ali Shaikh and MS student Tingkun He for the successful publication of their article “Altitude-dependent gaseous emissions from freight trucks along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Pakistan” on Environmental Science and Ecotechnology. And as one of only four studies, it was selected and presented in the newsletter of the Chinese Society forEnvironmental Sciences. 祝贺Asad Ali Shaikh博士和何廷堃硕士的中巴经济走廊沿线货车排放研究,发表于Environmental Science and Ecotechnology,并作为仅有的四篇研究之一,被中国环境科学学会通讯选中介绍。

  3. 2022-10-12 Congratulations to Xiaotong Wang for obaining her doctorate degree ! 祝贺王小桐获得博士学位!

  4. 2022-06-22 Congratulations to Fanyuan Deng for obaining his doctorate degree ! 祝贺邓梵渊获得博士学位!

  5. 2022-04-28 Interview Zhining Zhang! A third-grade PhD student who wrote 4 articles in succession !

To Prospective Students

Our group recruits postdoctoral researcher, Ph.D. students, master students, who with one or more of the following characteristics (not necessary):

  1. Environmental science

  2. Atmospheric science

  3. Transportation system

  4. Supply chain strategy

  5. Computer science

  6. Earth System Science

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